three dimensional architectural & interior visualization



3d renderings or “still images” are the mainstay of computer presentations. They include exterior, interior, daytime, nighttime, and many other views of buildings and products. The applications range from Powerpoint presentations, site-boards, framed artwork, billboards and everything in between.


Virtual Reality Panoramas or “VR pans” are a newer form of architectural renderings. They allow the viewer to navigate around a 360 degree spherical space. VR pans can be linked together to form a web of pans, allowing the viewer to choose where to view the building, or they can be linked to a floor plan. Clients have increasingly used VR pans as cost effective substitutes to animations. The applications for VR pans are websites and Powerpoint presentations.


Walkthrough and flyby animations are virtual tours of the project. The animations can either follow a set path or use ponoramas to mimick an animation, saving considerable time and cost. Animations can be presented on the web, Powerpoint or as a DVD.


2d Illustrations are a cost effective alternative to 3d renderings, though having less accurate shadows and photorealistic entourage they have many benefits desirable to clients. Quick turnaround, usually a few days or less to complete an image, and ease of creating multiple color/material options keep 2d Illustrations a popular design option. Besides colored elevations with shadows and possible notations, floor plans can be created into illustrations using materials and shadows similar to reality. Other applications include altering photographs to portray façade or landscape options, a floor plan linked to virtual reality panoramas, or site plans.